Snapshot: A day in the life at Arthur’s

When it comes to daily life, you may wonder what your loved one will be doing all day if he or she comes to live at Arthur’s.

The answer? Probably more than you think.

Our goals are to make sure our residents can be themselves, that they feel comfortable in their surroundings and that they can enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes that means keeping to mundane routines that give them a sense of comfort and continuity, and sometimes it means helping them pursue individual interests and activities. And because we regularly staff two Arthur’s team members for every six clients, we’re able to offer the attentiveness and close companionship that can help them stay engaged in activities they’ve enjoyed their whole lives.

Here are some activities your loved one may be involved in during a typical day at Arthur’s.

Kitchen klatches

Because Arthur’s staff members prepare and serve meals and snacks on site, at each home, residents are encouraged to help with the daily cooking, baking and/or meal prep if they so desire. We do our best to incorporate their favorite dishes into our menus, and meals are shared events since everything is served family-style around a dining room table. Of course, family members and friends are always invited to join the camaraderie.

Enjoying some exercise

Some of our residents enjoy staying as active as possible through physical activities such as gardening and walking. One resident finds particular joy in taking walks outside to get fresh air, watch the wildlife and gather natural bounty like colorful leaves.

Trips out and about 

Residents frequently have the option of being transported to fun destinations such as restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, stores, churches, movies, concerts, sporting events or parks.

Getting into games 

Many of our clients enjoy crossword puzzles, cards, bingo and other games, either by themselves or with others. “Nora played floor tic-tac-toe this afternoon,” notes employee Annie in a post. “She was very skillful in tossing the beanbags, and thought she improved a lot with practice.”

Making the most of music 

Listening to music is a popular activity among our residents and can be a fun source of nostalgia.

Creative crafting 

Residents often find it relaxing to work on craft projects individually or as a group. “Today Georgie had a great time making a necklace,” writes staff member Stephanie in one post. “We chatted and sang along to Frank Sinatra. She liked the necklace so much she wanted to wear it right away.”

Staying up on social media 

Some clients choose to keep up with family and friends via social media sites. “Today Georgie and I looked at her Facebook page and the many family photos on it,” notes team member Matt in one Arthur’s blog. “She loved the pictures from Mother’s Day with the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.”

Helping hands around the house 

Some residents like the sense of accomplishment that comes from helping with chores such as folding laundry, making beds and washing dishes.

Fun family events

Often residents’ families gather on site to celebrate holidays or accomplishments, or simply to spend quality time with their loved ones. Sometimes, entire Arthur’s households join in the festivities. “Families join us at Arthur’s for ham and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and all the trimmings,” notes one team member. “The families of staff who are working often join us, too. Having little kids here for Christmas is the best.”

All Arthur’s events 

Arthur’s also hosts fun on-site activities that involve multiple houses. “For this year’s Independence Day, both homes gathered together with family and friends to celebrate,” reads a previous blog. “We had an excellent turnout of about 30 people and enjoyed great conversations all afternoon.”

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