A Day in the Life of Arthur’s Residential Care

Last week, one of the ladies at Arthur’s Residential Care woke up from a nap and called across the living room to Megan, the care attendant on duty, to ask if she wanted to go on a walk with her. Megan’s answer was, of course, “Yes!”

Arthur's Residential CareThis resident likes to go on walks in the neighborhood around Arthur’s-Emmert. She walks a few times a week with one of the staff. She uses a walker, and she always likes a scarf tied around her head to keep the wind from mussing her hair.

Fall Walk

On this particular walk they had fun watching the squirrels and noticed a few black ones running around. As they walked, the resident reminisced a bit about how she met her husband. She collected a few bright fall leaves and put them in her walker pocket to show staff when she returned to the house.

Along the way Megan pulled out her cell phone to take a few photos of fall colors, and then she switched her camera around to take a selfie of the two of them.  The resident realized what she was up to and exclaimed, “Oh! We are taking a picture of ourselves now!” She flashed a big smile and said, “Hi, camera!” Then the two of them started making goofy faces together and took a few more selfies.

As they continued on their walk the resident told Megan all about the friends that she and her husband used to spend time with.  She then paused and grabbed Megan’s arm and said, “Now I have a new friend to go on walks with.”  They returned to Arthur’s and settled on the couch and worked on a crossword together.

Personalized Residential Care

That’s the sort of afternoon we have in mind when we say that Arthur’s offers personalized care. The goal at Arthur’s Residential Care is to create a beautiful, welcoming, comfortable environment where your loved one will feel right at home. The rich staffing ratio makes it possible for staff to provide great care and also enjoy on-on-one activities together like this walk through the neighborhood.Arthur's Residential Care