Family Support 

When your loved one lives at Arthur’s, you can expect him or her to be treated like a beloved family member — when they’re with you, and when they’re with us.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of caring, concern and top-notch medical care that’s the next best thing to living at home. Because we regularly staff two Arthur’s care attendants for every six clients, we’re able to offer a level of responsiveness that creates a genuine sense of family.

Another overriding goal is to ensure our residents know they’ll always be part of your family, even when they require 24-7 professional care. That’s why we encourage family members to come in and spend time with their loved ones whenever possible. Arthur’s maintains an open-door policy for quality time with our residents, and our families take that to heart by spending everyday moments and special occasions at our homes. While COVID continues to impact our lives, it’s not nearly as difficult as it once was!

One local family, for example, honored their family matriarch by holding the baptism for her namesake, baby Thea Evelyn, right at our facility. Team Arthur’s helped the older Thea dress up and prepare for the once-in-a-lifetime event, and afterward the entire family celebrated on-site with refreshments served up by Arthur's care attendants.

Many other families take the opportunity to celebrate Christmas Day with their loved ones right at Arthur’s; Arthur's staff assist by cooking traditional holiday foods and creating a party atmosphere. “Families join us at Arthur’s for ham and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and all the trimmings,” notes one staff. “The families of staff who are working often join us, too. Having little kids here for Christmas is the best.”

Ongoing communication about care

Another way we further a sense of family among our clients is by keeping their real families well-apprised of how they’re faring from day to day. While our license doesn’t allow family members to override doctor’s orders, ongoing communication helps family members feel like they’re playing an active role in their loved one’s lives and daily care, lessening the sense of distance that can come about when families must spend time apart. "I can leave mom now and have peace of mind she is safe and cared for properly," writes one family member. "The staff are well trained, many of them are interested in medicine/healthcare as their main profession. They are compassionate and caring and respectful."

Bonding with loved ones

At Arthur’s, we believe quality of life is dependent on a person’s ability to keep connecting with other people — most importantly family members. While we’ve been obligated to follow COVID guidelines, before the pandemic we had lots of large events, and we hope to return to that soon! We encourage you to become comfortable enough with daily life here at Arthur’s that you feel free dropping by — no matter the circumstances of your loved one.

One staff recently noticed how engaged a resident with memory loss becomes whenever her young grandsons visit. While she often spends time unsure of her surroundings or agenda, her uncertainty turns to recognition, joy and kisses as soon as they cross the threshold.

Even the end of life can be beautiful for residents when it’s shared with family. One Arthur’s staff recalls how pleased one family was to be able to gather together with their mom one last time.

“They used this difficult time in life as a way to find meaning and for their family to finally be reunited,” she recalls. “While supporting this family through a difficult time and caring for their mom, I found myself not wanting to leave the room. Even though we weren’t on the schedule, a fellow care attendant and I stayed up with this family until almost 3 a.m. reminiscing about their mom and sharing memorable stories of her time here at Arthur’s.”