Insights from Arthur's

Deb Nygaard's video series of Alzheimer's care insights, empowering families experiencing dementia to have positive relationships.


Insights Introduction

Introduction to Insights

Deb Nygaard introduces the Insights From Arthur’s video series to empower families experiencing dementia to have positive relationships.

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My loved one keeps repeating herself

My Loved One Repeats Herself!

Today’s insight discusses helpful tips on how to have a positive relationships with your loved one who has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

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Correcting words

Correcting Words

Today’s insight discusses correcting words. When a loved one with dementia says a “word” you don’t recognize, be careful not to make these common mistakes. Take our simple steps to eliminate negative feelings.

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Losing language

Losing Language

Today’s insight discusses understanding why your mother is not able to retrieve words very well, and why she may begin using bad language.

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Today’s insight discusses letting go of the need to be recognized for your role. “I’M YOUR DAUGHTER!” Focus on what’s really important.

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Dealing with delusions

Dealing With Delusions

Today’s insight discusses what mom thinks is her reality. Don’t keep trying to calm her down, try these approaches instead.

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Offering forced choices

Offering Forced Choices

Today’s insight discusses offering forced choices. This is a way to show respect to your mother by setting her up to succeed.

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What is sequencing

What is Sequencing?

Today’s insight discusses sequencing. Understanding this will help you to learn how to simplify your requests of your loved one with dementia.

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Be aware of distractions

Be Aware of Distractions

Today’s insight discusses being aware of distractions. Clutter! The importance of simplifying the environment for loved ones with dementia.

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Safety awareness

Safety Awareness

Today’s insight discusses safety awareness. The dangers of smoke, chemicals, gas, spoiled food, and human waste for your loved one with dementia.

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We have three senses

We Have Three Senses

Today’s insight discusses the senses that matter for your loved on with dementia. You thought there were five? We only care about three.

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Peripheral vision

Peripheral Vision

Today’s insight discusses peripheral vision. As dementia progresses, loved ones can only focus on small areas — this is about how to reduce peripheral vision behaviors.

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Falls and Falling

Today’s insight discusses falls and falling. Your loved one with dementia is going to fall. Set up the environment to minimize injury.

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Today’s insight discusses medications. Swallowing pills can be difficult for loved ones with dementia. Tips to be successful.

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They are right, you are wrong

Your Loved One is Right, and You are Wrong!

Today’s insight discusses being wrong. The sooner you accept this the better off you’ll be! Eliminate arguments by admitting you are mistaken.

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I am sorry

I Am Sorry

Today’s insight discusses apologizing to a loved one with dementia. “I am sorry.” Powerful statements to heal a relationship.

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Therapeutic fib

I’ll NEVER Lie To My Mother! – Therapeutic Fib

Today’s insight discusses the therapeutic fib and emotional truth. Is it okay to use a “therapeutic fib”? What is “emotional truth”?

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Today’s insight discusses non-medicative solutions. Creative ways to distract someone who is anxious before it turns into behaviors.

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Empathizing with loved ones

The Cruise-Ship You Can’t Get Off

Today’s insight discusses empathizing with loved ones. Imagine going on a cruise, and staff won’t let you disembark! How is this like dementia?

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Approaching your loved one

Approaching Your Loved One

Today’s insight discusses approaching your loved ones with dementia. How do you approach your loved one who has dementia?

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Getting up from a chair

Simple Steps – Getting out of a Chair

Today’s insight discusses how to get a loved one with dementia out of a chair, including actual techniques to help someone stand, and how to diffuse refusals.

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Helping your loved one eat

Helping Your Loved One Eat

Today’s insight discusses helping a loved one with dementia eat — how to keep your loved-one feeling in control, even in the later stages of dementia.

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What's happening to the brain

What’s Happening to Their Brain?

Today’s insight discusses what happens to a loved one with dementia’s brain and gives a couple of visual examples to lessen your frustration with your loved one.

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Failure isn't bad

Failure Isn’t Bad!

Today’s insight discusses how failure isn’t bad. Mistakes are great learning opportunities. Learn from a couple of mine.

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Helping your loved one shower

Helping Your Loved One Shower

Today’s insight discusses helping your loved one shower. Let go of all your pre-conceived “rules” and use there techniques to improve success.

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Meaningful activities

Meaningful Activities

Today’s insight discusses meaningful activities for your loved ones with dementia. Get past the need to entertain. Do something relevant.

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Changing clothes

Mom Won’t Change Her Clothes

Today’s insight discusses what to do when mom won’t change her clothes. Be aware of your expression and your tone when addressing changing clothes.

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Substitution vs subtraction

Substitution vs. Subtraction

Today’s insight discusses the differences between substitution and subtraction. Strategies to get an object away from a loved one with dementia.

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Do you remember

Do You Remember

Today’s insight discusses setting your loved one up to succeed. Remembering is hard, yet family continually ask loved ones with dementia to recall events. “Do you remember?”

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