The Best Part of Christmas at Arthur’s

Assisted living home in Roseville, MinnesotaOne thing about aging is that family gatherings become increasingly challenging. How do you celebrate Christmas with your loved one when he or she is in a wheelchair and lives in an assisted living home in Roseville, Minnesota? Well, if they live at Arthur’s Residential Care you can count on the Arthur’s staff to make it wonderful for you, your family, and especially for your loved one.

We asked the Arthur’s staff what they think is the best part about Christmas at Arthur’s. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Christmas Cheer, Secret Santa, and the décorRebekah Carizzales
  • The Christmas Party! Our ladies’ awesome Christmas sweaters. Cookies! And being able to spend the holidays with our clients and see them with family! Also, the Christmas music and fireplace!Anna Heruth
  • Catching up with all the families!Deb Nygaard
  • Having a home filled with laughter and love!Emily Williams
  • I love the Christmas decorations!Jean Wolfe
  • Going to Christmas concerts with the clientsPaul Rothermel
  • Dinner on Christmas Day is huge! Accessibility is a challenge for a lot of families if their loved one is in a wheelchair, so families join us at Arthur’s for ham and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and all the trimmings. The families of staff who are working often join us, too. Having little kids here for Christmas is the best.  – Krystina Hannaman
  •  I love being able to make the holidays special for these incredibly special people! They deserve the most magical Christmas ever. –  Catie Madison

To be honest, none of these things are really that special….this seems like a normal Christmas, right? And that’s EXACTLY the best part of Christmas at Arthur’s –it’s normal! It’s a real Christmas season for our clients. The pressure is totally off of families to create that – they can come and enjoy the holiday cheer themselves. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!