Character Counts: Arthur’s Top-Notch Staffing Starts with Key Screening

One frequently asked question at Arthur’s is why we’re constantly recruiting new staff.

Really, the answer to that query is twofold. It’s true that our staffing needs are substantial: Together with our sister company ACR Homes, we’re tasked with managing employees for 56 different homes across the Twin Cities metro, each of which provides quality care 24/7/365.

But even more importantly, our standards for employment are very high. We pride ourselves on finding and keeping the highest-caliber staff available — from direct care professionals to house managers to administrators to physical therapists.

Choosing the cream of the crop

Each applicant is carefully vetted to ensure he or she has the necessary kindness, intelligence, positive outlook and competency needed to join our team — with the result being that fewer than 10% are selected.

The extensive screening process used was specially developed by Arthur’s founder Jim Nelson, a licensed psychologist, to identify those who have the characteristics needed to work with people who are disabled or medically fragile. The system is an excellent predictor of successful work performance at Arthur’s.

“I’ve always teased (Jim Nelson) that his super power is staff selection,” notes Director of Development Deb Nygaard. “He’s really gifted at it. He finds people who have the character that suits this particular industry and field, and the intelligence. It’s really about finding people who have a heart for the job, and plugging them in where they fit best.”

Preparing for caring

Once hired, team members complete a comprehensive training program that incorporates medical principals, professionalism, company core values and how to fully care for and support our clients. The training meets or exceeds all licensing requirements.

Even our top company leaders have had the benefit of hands-on, real-world experience working with people with disabilities, since a full 92% of us began our careers in direct care. Many who started as DCPs have moved up to HR, recruiting or supervisory positions, while others have chosen to further their education in counseling, physician’s assistant studies, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work or other patient-driven fields.

The result of all that is a well-trained team of Arthur’s employees who are emotionally well equipped for their positions. In fact, many find their work so intrinsically rewarding that they stay on far longer than they originally intended.

Clearly, we make a difference 

Here are just a few comments about Arthur’s staff members from grateful family members.

  • “The staff are well trained; many are interested in medicine/healthcare as their main profession. They are compassionate and caring and respectful. I can leave Mom now and have peace of mind she is safe and cared for properly.” — Jodi Libey
  • “The staff are well-trained professionals, but Arthur’s also seems to choose only caring individuals as staff. If you want your loved one treated like a much-loved family member, and if you would like the same care for yourself, Arthur’s Residential Care is the place.” — Julie Norris
  • “Arthur’s caregivers are incredibly kind and loving. I don’t know how Arthur’s consistently finds such wonderful people to work there.” — Kathy Steiner, describing how two of her mom’s caregivers stayed all night to be with her when she passed.
  • “(Mom) is much happier. She’s been treated with dignity and respect. The home has a sense of peace upon walking in the front door.” — Lori Ells
  • “We had an oasis of calm professionalism to help us move through life’s biggest challenge. Please tell all your staff members that their compassion for my father makes them some of the finest people I’ve met.” — Family member who wished to remain anonymous

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