Core Values at Work

jewelryArthur’s core value statement, “human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect,” plays a prominent role in Arthur’s staff training as well as in our marketing materials.  It sounds good for a home that offers assisted living and memory care, right?  But it’s only natural for assisted living and memory care clients and their families to wonder if the workforce at Arthur’s actually shares those values.

One way to find out is to see what employees have to say about the company. What core values do they reflect?   ACR Homes does the hiring for Arthur’s Residential Care, and they receive lots of unsolicited, anonymous online reviews from employees.  Here’s a sample of what our staff have to say:

“This is by far the most meaningful job I have ever had and is so personally rewarding…  Working for ACR has not only allowed me the opportunity to assist my residents in their personal growth, but also has forever changed the way in which I see the world and interact with others.” 9/3/15

“Working for ACR Homes has confirmed my passion for compassion and working in healthcare. The moments I’ve spent with the residents have naturally helped me grow as a person in patience, understanding, and acceptance of most, if not all, circumstances.  Throughout the past three years working for this company, I have been inspired by the graceful guidance and support provided by ACR Homes management. They do a fantastic job [of cultivating] a company culture of acceptance, communication, and respect.” 10/15/15

“When going to work is your favorite part of your day you know there’s something special about what you’re doing. Working at ACR has provided me with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the residents and for them to make an impact on my life as well. I have been able to form irreplaceable relationships and memories through ACR. The environment is full of compassion and all of the workers are devoted to providing the best care for all of the residents.” 11/23/15

“ACR Homes is a truly special place to work.  I thought that by working I would be making a difference in the lives of the residents, but they have impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined.”  12/26/15

“Working with four amazing people has taught me more about being caring and adapting than all of my years in class and previous jobs.” 2/14/16

“Love, love, love my job!  Working at ACR has been a phenomenal experience! ACR took time to train me and encourage me every step of the way. I love going to work and seeing my residents! I have been able to develop such great relationships with not only my residents, but also my co-workers…”12/10/15

“ACR’s exemplary service is complemented by its exemplary staff, making it the best company I have worked for so far.” 10/26/15

“ACR has been the best decision I’ve made as a nursing student. The company itself maintains morals and values that align with my own nursing philosophy and has provided me with training that has set me up for success in my future career. ACR genuinely cares about the wonderful people it serves as well as the employees that work there.” 9/16/15

“There are many [more] opportunities to help and advocate for residents than in traditional residential environments. ACR really allows you to involve yourself in the advance and bettering of the cares of each resident you get the privilege to work with.” 9/5/15

“I am always excited to go to work and see the smiling faces of my residents. It is such a great feeling to know that you are able to help someone else accomplish their goals. The company really cares about their residents, which makes working for them great.” 2/4/16

These are just a sample of more than 50 anonymous, unsolicited online reviews from staff that we have received during the last 12 months.  It is evident that Arthur’s is staffed by great people who share the company’s core values and who are invested in their work supporting amazing people, making a lasting impact one day at a time.