Care, compassion and respect: End-of-life care is personalized at Arthur’s

Since Arthur’s specializes in residential care for older adults, it’s only natural that many of our clients spend their last days at their Arthur’s homes.

And because those clients are surrounded by gentle, empathetic caregivers in addition to hospice specialists, that can work out beautifully for everyone involved. If your loved one will likely be facing the end of his or her life while at Arthur’s, you can rest assured we’ll make that process as personal, comfortable and respectful as we possibly can. He or she will never feel alone as they take that step of their journey.

Every end-of-life process is personalized

We consider it an honor at Arthur’s to provide the clients in our care with a dignified end to their life.  Our clients, and their families, are content to remain at their Arthur’s home with caring staff members, optimizing the support and resources available through hospice.  While Arthur’s can never replace their true home, our clients know they are safe, respected, and cared-for as well as cared-about.

One reason we maintain such low staff-to-client ratios is because we want our staff to be able to work closely with clients in all matters, getting to know them as individuals and doing everything possible to maintain the quality of their lives. The same is true when those lives are coming to an end; our mission is to stay in touch with each client’s concerns and needs so we can help make the process of dying peaceful, comfortable and free of fear or anxiety.

Arthur’s helps that happen by specifically training its staff in how to compassionately and competently manage end-of-life care. Many are college students with an innate passion for healthcare and helping other people.

“Arthur’s Senior Care is a very special place,” notes Allison Connelly, a care attendant at Arthur’s Alta Visa. “The clients live in an actual home, compared to a nursing home with long hallways and elevators. Clients can gather in the living room to watch movies or sit around the dinner table to share a meal. With such a ‘home’ feel, the clients often feel more comfortable.”

Helping sustain that sense of comfort and feeling of belonging is the fact many clients form close friendships with Arthur’s staff.

“We build so much trust and an unforgettable relationship with families during a time when we are all so vulnerable,” notes Emily Williams, a housing manager with Arthur’s. “I have learned that even if you don’t know the right thing to say, sometimes just being present is the most meaningful thing you can do. I feel so rewarded and honored to have this time with our families and clients, and that I can commit to making this home feel like their home.”

Have more questions about the end-of-life process at Arthur’s? Get in touch to talk to our caregivers to learn more about our policies and procedures, and what we do to provide our clients top-notch care as they near the end of their life journeys.


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