Finding Beauty in Senior End of Life Care

For most families, senior end of life care is not something they look forward to. Emily Williams, the Housing Manager at Arthur’s Residential Care in Shoreview, Minnesota, can empathize. She remembers feeling that way herself. But she has come to see that the end of life often leads to new insight and perspective on life and on relationships. These are unexpected and wonderful gifts for the one receiving care, their loved ones, and the staff at Arthur’s.

Emily writes:

For me the thing that I thought would be the most difficult part of starting this job 5 years ago, surprisingly, became the most rewarding. Although losing the clients that I invest time with and care for is most difficult, being there for them and their families during these times has become the favorite part of my job.

A memory that I hold dear to my heart comes to mind of a loving family that commented, “Our whole family hasn’t been in the same room for years. Our mom was always looking for ways to get the family together as one.” They used this difficult time in life as a way to find meaning and for their family to finally be reunited. While supporting this family through a difficult time and caring for their mom, I found myself not wanting to leave the room. Even though we weren’t on the schedule, a fellow staff and I stayed up with this family until almost 3 a.m. reminiscing about their mom and sharing memorable stories of her time here at Arthur’s. 

Building Unforgettable Relationships

I view these times as some of the most valuable I’ve had in my career. I have learned that even if you don’t know the right thing to say, sometimes just being present is the most meaningful thing you can do. We build so much trust and an unforgettable relationship with families during a time when we are all so vulnerable. This is just one example of the rare and precious moments here at Arthur’s Residential Care. Our core value statement that “all human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect” leads to a unique kind of personalized care here. I feel so rewarded and honored to have this time with our families and clients and that I can commit to making this home feel like their home.

Free Consultation on Senior End of Life Care Options

Do you need help or just need to talk about senior care options at the end of life? Contact Deb Nygaard for a free consultation. She can answer questions, connect you with senior care resources, or provide more information about Arthur’s Residential Care.