We appreciate the resident to caregiver ratio

A few months ago Arthur’s Residential Care requested feedback from family members on the quality of our elderly care services. We were hoping to gain insight on how we can better meet our clients’ needs. In the process we received a lot of positive comments about our high staffing ratio, such as these:

“We appreciate the resident to caregiver ratio.” “The low number of residents makes it possible for each resident to have personalized care by well-trained, professional, caring staff.”

At Arthur’s, we realize that the quality of elderly care services all boils down to one simple criteria:  are there enough of the right kind of staff on duty? We feel this is an important key to ensure that your loved one receives personalized care.

Each Arthur’s home has just six clients, and we have a minimum of two staff on duty during waking hours. This allows us to support each client’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.  In addition, our staffing ratios allow us to accommodate the needs of residents who require 2-person transfers or who have other specialized needs.

We know that quality of life for our clients rests in the hands of our staff, and we carefully select and train our team of professionals so that you can be confident in their care.  The caregivers at Arthur’s seek to respect and support the dignity and intrinsic value of each client, as well as their health, safety and sense of well-being.  We get to know each client’s personal history and interests well so that we can help them make the most of their abilities and provide optimal support.

We are happy to know that our efforts to provide the highest quality elderly care services are appreciated by clients and family members!

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