An Unexpected Discovery

That moment when you realize you’re different…

And it’s not just me, the Director of Development.  It’s the owners, the Chief Operating Officer, the HR Director, the Program Directors, the Nurses, the Office Manager, the Director of Recruiting, the Receptionist, the Training Coordinator, and many more.

You see, we’ve all done direct care, and that’s what makes us different.

We just found out that we are an anomaly in the industry, that most organizations are led by people who’ve never done the most important job of all; providing dignified and respectful care directly to the people we serve.  Between Arthur’s and our sister company, ACR Homes, which does all the hiring of our exceptional staff,  98% of our administrative team have done direct care.

I actually lived-in and managed a home for 9 years.  My husband and I had both our kids while we lived in, and it was a fantastic environment in which to raise our kids.  Many of our employees have similar stories.

The reason Arthur’s and ACR Homes have such a positive reputation is because we don’t make promises we can’t keep.  We are open and honest, and operate with integrity.  When we make mistakes we don’t try to cover them up.  We own the mistake, communicate quickly with the family, are truly sorry for it, and work together to prevent a recurrence.

Our staff think we are pretty great too.  They voted us #1 employer twice in the last five years.  They like working here because they get to work with such high caliber colleagues and are well prepared to do the job.

Now the new legislative bill makes sense.  When the Truth in Advertising bill passed this 2019 session, I didn’t understand what the problem was.  Realizing now that most companies are run by people that have never done direct care makes it all come to light.  Their marketing reps are making promises that the organization can’t uphold, because… They.  Don’t.  Know.

We will keep our promises.  We’ll treat your loved one like family.  We will operate with honesty, integrity, kindness, and respect.  If you’ve been disappointed with the follow-through of another provider, give me a call.  I’ve got a nice hot cup of coffee or tea ready for you.