Finding Compassionate Senior Care at Arthur’s

preventing elder abuse

Preventing elder abuse is on the agenda at the Minnesota State Legislature. This follows a report that the Minnesota Department of Health received over 20,000 allegations of neglect, physical abuse, unexplained serious injuries, and theft in state-licensed homes for the elderly in 2017. Over 16% of these reports related to altercations between residents, and another 8% involved allegations of physical or emotional abuse by staff. A related public health study found that maltreatment is associated with significant increases in anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and increased susceptibility to disease among the elderly. In response, the legislature is reviewing regulation and oversight of the senior care industry in Minnesota.


Preventing Elder Abuse

Many of the reports of abuse and neglect appear related to under-staffing. It is common in traditional nursing home settings for staff to have 8 to 10 elderly patients per staff person—sometimes even more. In such settings caregivers simply can’t keep up with the needs of so many patients with dementia and other concerns, or even protect them from aggression from other clients. In worst case scenarios staff have apparently taken out their frustration on vulnerable seniors. Adding to the distress of families of the vulnerable seniors is that they are not being notified of concerns involving their loved ones, and many of their concerns about investigating and preventing elder abuse are not being heard and appropriately addressed.

Peace of Mind at Arthur’s

preventing elder abuse

At Arthur’s Senior Care, we hear from family after family about the challenge of finding compassionate care for their loved ones, and the sense of relief and peace of mind they find at Arthur’s. Here are two testimonials from daughters of Arthur’s clients:

Most large senior care centers have inadequate and often poorly trained staff. We were at the end of our rope knowing what to do with mom. We were paying $20,000 for 8H private pay aide plus the care at the memory care. Since moving to Arthur’s, mom is getting so much better care (it’s like night and day). Mom is happier and less anxiety ridden, and it’s cheaper to boot! I can leave mom now and have peace of mind she is safe and cared for properly…I was really hesitant to move my mom for a 4th time, but it was so worth it. I’m so grateful for Arthur’s.”

—Jodi Libey

My mom was at a larger facility before, and each aide had 8-10 people to take care of, and it just isn’t the same. [At Arthur’s, the staff] are so wonderful. I cannot praise them highly enough, they are just wonderful. I think this is the most amazing place ever.”

Julie Norris

The high staffing ratio of 2 staff to just 6 clients in Arthur’s home-like setting, with a highly selective hiring and training process, fosters peace of mind for both clients and their families. Finding compassionate caregivers who have time to listen and who know how to meet both physical and emotional needs is the key. Find out for yourself with a free, no obligation senior care consultation with Deb Nygaard at Arthur’s.