Parenting Advice from Someone Who Has Been There

Parenting Advice from Someone Who Has Been ThereAs I mentioned in a recent blog, some of my favorite memories at Arthur’s are from time spent around the dining room table talking, reminiscing, watching wildlife out the windows, and even asking for parenting advice for my own kids!  These mealtime conversations happened twice a day some days during the four years that my family lived in the apartment downstairs at Emmert.  My husband and children would join in the conversation, too, and they often brought along our dog Max and our cockatiel Felix, which the clients thoroughly enjoyed.  A new staff person and her family live there now, but those conversations around the table continue whenever I stop by.

I recall one time in particular I was asking one of our clients how he had handled raising six kids without going a bit crazy?!?  I told him I only had three and couldn’t imagine having three more!! He smiled and so clearly and thoughtfully told me that the secret was “picking a great partner to do it with and loving them–all of them, even my wife–no matter what!”  As a young mom, it was a WONDERFUL reminder that loving my husband and showing our kids that love was just as important as loving them…I will never forget that bit of advice!


Kate Jaeb

Director of Housing and Services

Arthur’s Residential Care