October Highlights

oct_1What did the month of October bring for you and your family? Apple orchards? Warm cider? Trick-or-treaters? Perhaps a lot of raking!? Over at the Arthur’s Residential Care homes on Emmert and Alta Vista, we enjoyed a sing-along with Don, baking homemade cookies, and many other fond, lighthearted moments.

oct_3The times that stand out to us the most this past month started with the change in the weather. As the chilly fall temperatures rolled in, we stocked up the coat closets once again. Since we’re getting close to the end of Daylight Savings Time, it was easy to catch an extra hour of sleep on those crisp mornings!

oct_2This season has a way of feeling special, so we loved showing our festive side! We did some pumpkin carving before Halloween. They turned out great, and so did the roasted pumpkin seeds. We also really enjoyed pumpkin painting, and we had the great honor of celebrating sweet Harriet’s birthday!

All in all, October was a fantastic month, and we look forward to more great moments together as Thanksgiving approaches!