Observations from the Dining Room Table

Some of my favorite memories at Arthur’s Residential Memory Care are from time spent around the dining room table talking, reminiscing, watching the deer, playing “name that tune” or hang-man, and even asking for parenting advice for my own kids!  Conversation can be challenging for clients with dementia, and they love it when family members join us for a meal (even if it isn’t someone from their own family) because it adds another level to the discussion.

Memory Care at Arthur's - Observations from the Dining Room TableA frequent source of table conversation at Emmert is the wildlife in our backyard. The house on Emmert is next to a protected wetland, and so from the dining room and living room, we can see a variety of birds, deer, rabbits and other animals.  Staff and clients have made bird feeders together out of pinecones rolled in peanut butter and seed which we have hung on the deck, and we enjoy watching the birds feed right outside the windows.

A couple of years ago a certain doe we called “Peg” had twin fawns.  We would often see her lying with her fawns in the back yard where it was quiet and protected from the street.  Clients would discuss how gentle she looked.  Sometimes that conversation would spark wonderful discussion about their love for babies or memories of being new parents themselves.  These kinds of conversations seem to be so satisfying for the clients, and they give me wonderful insight into the people I help support at Arthur’s.


Kate Jaeb

Director of Housing and Services

Arthur’s Residential Care