Minnesota’s Finest Senior Care – Arthur’s Residential Care

The senior care services of Arthur’s Residential Care are the focus of a recent episode of the cable TV show “Around Town.” This show, hosted by Carla Beaurline, features local businesses on the Minneapolis-based Metro Cable Network Ch.6.

Deb Nygaard, Arthur’s Director of Growth and Development, opens the episode by noting the challenges faced by family members as their loved one’s health declines. She comments, “At Arthur’s Residential Care, we hold the core value that all human life is intrinsically valuable. We don’t care how much a person has lost, as far as capacity. We respect the person where they’re at, and you can see that with our staff in the way they engage with people.”

High Caliber Staffing

Julie Norris, the daughter of an Arthur’s client, comments on the high staff-to-resident ratio at Arthur’s which has one staff to 2 or 3 residents. She compares that to her mother’s experience at a larger facility where each aide had 8 to 10 people to take care of. Julie also shares her first-hand observations of the quality of staffing at Arthur’s. “It’s so nice to know that my mother thinks of them as family members,” said. “It’s such a comfort, you know?”

The supervisors who oversee Arthur’s senior care services point out that the high staffing ratio allows us to ask families, ‘what does your loved one like?’ and then tailor our senior care services to best suit the needs and interests of clients. Arthur’s unique hiring process also supports our high standards for staffing and results in high caliber care.

“I cannot praise them highly enough. They’re just wonderful,” said Julie.

The bottom line is that families feel comfortable at Arthur’s. They trust us. They can come and put their feet up and have a cup of coffee and just be the loved ones, and not the caretakers.