High Quality Caregivers are Key to Well Being for Seniors

Reports of neglect and abuse of seniors by the very staff who were hired to care for them are a great concern for those who are in need of senior care. A recent report from the Minnesota Department of Health noted that in 2017 over 20,000 allegations of neglect, physical abuse, unexplained serious injuries, and theft in state-licensed homes for the elderly were received. It’s obvious that finding senior care with great staff is key to their well-being.

high quality caregiversIn the midst of these concerns, Arthur’s Senior Care has developed a reputation for exceptional caregivers. The Arthur’s client handbook begins with this welcome:

Our history in providing residential care dates back to 1981 when our staffing company, ACR Homes, opened a residential home for people with disabilities.  Since then we have grown in our ability to provide support for people with a wide variety of conditions that impact their daily living. Arthur’s Senior Care is a newer concept in residential care, but it has benefitted from the management expertise of a company with over 35 years of experience in staffing, training, healthcare and home management.

We hope that everything about Arthur’s—from the home setting, to the staff who are there to assist you, to the meals and social times you share there—will be warm and welcoming for you and your loved ones.

Feedback on the high quality of staff at Arthur’s

How do we know those are not just empty wordsthat our staff are delivering the great care we promise?

Because when we survey family members and guardians about our services, we always hear back about the high quality of our staff! Here are a few recent comments:

  • High quality, caring and compassionate staff.
  • It’s a wonderful home environment and family like atmosphere.
  • Having L with ACR has been a blessing and such a comfort to me and L’s family. The quality of care, attention and respect is amazing.
  • The staff are wonderful!
  • What I like most is the staff, they are always friendly and approachable.
  • Staff are all top notch, caring, competent, and delightful. An amazing group of young people.
  • I am happy the staff has special training in care of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • S is always perfectly groomed and dressed. Hospital staff always comment on how well taken care of she is regarding the condition of her skin.
  • I appreciate the quality of care that ACR provides. The staff members are genuine and care about the people they work with and who they are helping.
  • Very attentive to her medical needs.
  • Great interactive smart staff who truly care about the residents!

So, if you are ever questioning your caregiver situation, or wonder if there might be a better care option to meet your loved one’s physical and emotional needs, check out Arthur’s!  Deb Nygaard, Arthur’s Senior Care Consultant, will be happy to talk to you and/or give you a tour. Come see for yourself!