Hen House

hen1Both of our homes at Arthur’s Residential Care frequently entertain some four-legged visitors — squirrels on the deck, deer out in the backyard, even dogs in the living room. As you can tell, though, our homes also see their fair share of poultry, too!

Two little white hens stopped by one morning and made themselves right at home. Appropriately named, “Nilla” and “Pom-Pom” were happy to nestle down in our laps and relax for a while. They sparked some great conversation with their puffy heads and sweet temperament.

These peculiar looking chickens are called Silky’s, so you can imagine how soft their feathers are! Silky hens are so docile, they are commonly raised as indoor chickens. They are simply adorable, and they are certainly welcome back for a visit any time!

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