Feedback on Arthur’s Senior Care

What have our clients and their family members said about our services?  The words they have used to describe us fit nicely into this acrostic:

A – Accountable.  We meet and exceed the expectations of our assisted living license.  Our record keeping and data collection gets outstanding feedback from hospice workers, families, fiduciaries, guardians, and nurses.

R – Responsive.  With a 1:3 staff to client ratio, our clients don’t need long to wait to get their needs met.  We are attentive and respectful, which is very effective for people with memory loss who may be.  We are also responsive to our families concerns and suggestions.  Having live-in Housing Managers means that communication is easy and accurate.

T – Trustworthy.  We follow through on our promises.  We make sure our clients are comfortable, clean, and enjoying life to the best of their ability.

H – Honest.  Arthur’s will readily admit any mistakes they made, and communicate with the family quickly.

U – Upbeat.  Many of our staff are college students pursuing a career in the medical field.  They are bright, intelligent, motivated, and caring.  They come to us because of great internship opportunities, and the fact that many of our staff are accepted into the grad school of their choice because of the experience and recommendations they get from working here.

R – Reliable.  We have great back-up systems so that we don’t run short staffed.  And when family members call with a question, our staff can get them an answer.

S – Superior Memory Care.  Our staff demonstrate respect to our clients no matter what the stage of their memory loss.   We have lots of tools in our tool belts to address changing needs, and when our first approach doesn’t work, we get to try again and again!  We share with each other which techniques work the best so we can set up our clients to succeed.

We sure love what we do.  Come on over for a cup of coffee and a visit.  You really need to feel this homey environment to truly appreciate it.  Give Deb a call at 651-294-4798.