Chocolate Orange Mousse

Hi everyone,

To make sure we had enough food to hibernate through the coming snow fall we decided to try out a new desert. Georgie, Nora, and I spent sometime sifting through online recipe sites until we found a recipe we could all agree on. The recipe was one for chocolate orange mousse.

While I mixed the ingredients of zested orange, semisweet chocolate bits, orange juice, sugar and a host of other ingredients, Georgie and Nora sipped tea and enjoyed the music of the Andrew Sisters. They became a little more focused on the task at hand when the mousse was poured into individual dishes. Unfortunately, the recipe also calls for the mousse to sit for at least four hours so no tasting was allowed yet. Hopefully, it makes a good after dinner snack as we will also add whipped cream and a slice of orange for garnish.

Have a great day,