Back to the Basics: Highlights from November

cards-225x300Somehow, the most meaningful things in life are never the most complicated. This past month, we have been inspired by the theme: Simplify. At both of our homes, November was filled with the simple pleasure of celebrating the holiday season.

Janet was really our inspiration. After a trip to the dog park, she told us: “I can’t get it out of my head… Those dogs weren’t fighting, they were just running around playing and enjoying life! And I thought to myself, if dogs can do that, people can too!” What great wisdom!

Some of the best highlights for us were reading storybooks with the kids, and a day trip to Rome… at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, of course! We also had a blast playing “Name That Tune”, celebrating Janet’s birthday, and receiving some very sweet cards from a group of Sunday school students.

story-300x225Our November days were filled with hot cocoa, crossword puzzles, warm fires, and even one last picnic with the warmer weather! And with all the Christmas cookies we have been baking, we are looking forward to a very special December.