I toured Arthur’s memory care and fell in love with the philosophy of care, the staff and the home.

Before I heard about Arthur’s Memory Care, my mother was in a large memory care facility which we chose for the “personalized care” they promised. It didn’t take long, however, to see that the resident-to-staff ratio of 8 residents, at minimum, for each care attendant made keeping track of the 30-35 memory care residents, much less offering personalized care, impossible. When I was informed that Mom needed to be medicated for her aggressive behaviors, I thought of other memory care residents who had been medicated and who, at an unsupervised moment, had fallen.  I knew it was time to look for a new home for her.

I learned about Arthur’s Memory Care at an Alzheimer’s/Dementia caregivers’ meeting. I knew their resident/staff ratio is 3/1, so called to see if there were any openings at Arthur’s. I explained Mom’s behaviors first and asked if those would be an issue. I was relieved to hear, “No problem!”  and delighted that there was an opening.

My husband and I toured Arthur’s and fell in love with the philosophy of care, the staff, and the home. The staff/resident ratio enables them to always know where the residents are. There are motion alarms under the mattresses and furniture seat cushions, as well as on the wheelchairs, so even if Mom was medicated, I knew she would be safe. A few weeks later, Mom moved in.

I cannot praise Arthur’s staff (at both the house and the office) enough. The people chosen as house managers and care attendants are smart, kind, patient, and have genuine concern for the residents. They also make a point to get to know the families of the residents. The training for the care attendants is so thorough that they are able to care for each resident (even when someone is having a bad day or being aggressive.) We’ve tried a number of medications to help Mom feel more comfortable, and I’ve never had a concern for her safety, because she is monitored so closely. Staff also keeps me informed about everything.

Arthur's Memory Care Facility

I wish Arthur’s could be in charge of every memory care community in the country, so that every person with dementia could be cared for so well.

Julie Norris