Arthur’s housing manager: ‘The most rewarding part is creating joy’

Hannah Brosted first came aboard Arthur’s as a college student seeking to make extra money on the weekends.

But the clients, friendly atmosphere and meaningful work she encountered there quickly led her to think beyond her part-time work. As part of her business administration degree from the University of Northwestern, she was able to get on-the-job business experience through an RS internship at Arthur’s.

“Being at Arthur’s just felt like being at home, and I was getting paid for it,” she remembers. “And I kept picking up extra shifts because that’s where my heart was.”

Career becomes family affair

After Hannah married her husband Andrew, they both moved into Arthur’s with their golden retriever, Remington, so she could accept a new job as live-in housing manager. Since then, they’ve been joined by their son Danny (now 3 months old).


“Andrew didn’t intend on working full-time, but he fell in love with the clients and the job,” she says. “His favorite thing to do on shift is to cook the meals and take the clients outside when it’s sunny and warm. My favorite thing is to paint the ladies’ nails, play games and do puzzles. Remmy loves belly rubs and cleaning up the floors after meals, and Danny loves being snuggled by all his grandmas and grandpas.”


A busy and rewarding lifestyle

These days, the daily work commute for the Brosteds involves a walk upstairs. Hannah’s job involves managing behind-the-scenes logistics at Arthur’s to make clients’ lives as easy as possible — details like grocery shopping, medication ordering, scheduling and management of staff, getting clients to appointments and communicating effectively with families, doctors, nurses, therapists, hospice staff, etc.

“It can be challenging, because you’re always at work,” she notes. “But it is wonderful, because you’re always at work. If something comes up, you’re right there to lend a hand.”

Also wonderful? The opportunity to make such a significant difference in the quality of clients’ lives.

“The most rewarding part is creating joy,” she explains. “Some clients come from a facility not equipped to fully care for their needs, and they come to Arthur’s and we can see the positive changes in their overall well-being and the joy and gratitude from their families.”


Year-round activity

Under Hannah’s direction, Arthur’s clients have frequent  opportunities for activity and entertainment — much of it off-site. On any given day they may visit local libraries, bookstores, theaters, aquariums, conservatories, parks, beaches or coffee shops. Holidays may involve Easter egg or Christmas cookie decorating, s’mores by a campfire, attendance at church services and/or visits home with families. Often, Arthur’s care attendants accompany their residents to family events so their families can interact with them without having to act as caretakers.

“I love being able to reassure families that we’ve got this, you just get to relax and enjoy your loved one,” says Hannah.

Top-notch residential care

Hannah’s words of wisdom for clients and families interested in what Arthur’s has to offer?

Make the jump! Arthur’s staff are high-caliber, fast-paced, attentive, well-equipped staff with a love for their meaningful job. We strive to make Arthur’s feel like home, not only to the clients in our house, but to anyone who walks in the door.”

Talk to Deb Nygaard at Arthur’s Senior Care (651-294-4798) to learn more about the exceptional level of residential care we can offer you or your loved one.

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