A New Housemate, Reunited

Just last month, our home in Roseville welcomed its newest housemate, Audrey.

When Audrey’s niece and primary caregiver contacted Deb Nygaard all the way from Georgia, Deb immediately recognized Audrey’s name. Deb’s first question was simply, “Did she used to have a great big, yellow Continental?”

It turns out that Audrey and her husband, Bill, were Deb’s neighbors when she was a little girl. Deb remembers their yellow car, their dachshunds, Kaiser and Tina, and the incredible number of baking powder biscuits that Bill used to eat when invited over for supper!

Reunited after all these years, Audrey and Deb have had great conversations about the good old days. Deb’s mother has even been able to catch up with Audrey on the phone, and they intend to get together in the near future.

This unexpected reunion just goes to show what a small world we live in, after all!