A Friendly Visitor

Birdie, the unofficial mascot of Arthur’s Residential Care, is a gentle, cuddly Maltese who loves visiting with our residents. A couple of weeks ago, she enjoyed the view from the dining room table at our Shoreview home while getting a steady, and very welcomed, outpouring of attention from Kevin. It’s too bad for Birdie her visit was not during a mealtime!

We appreciate the joy Birdie can bring to our homes. Well-behaved dogs have a unique way of connecting with people and even brightening a bad day.

Birdie’s owners, Jim and Dorothy Nelson, are the owners of Arthur’s Residential Care, so she can often be found sitting in the laps of staff and residents, both in the office and in the homes. Still, her popularity hasn’t spoiled her! Birdie is easy to please – just let her keep you company!