Did You Know? 7 Things You Didn’t Realize About Assisted Living Care

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In America, there are 46 million senior citizens. That number is set to double to 98 million by the year 2060.

Given this growth in the senior population, chances are you have a parent or a loved one who is moving into the more advanced years of their life. That reality often comes with a lot of questions.

“Can Mom and Dad keep taking care of themselves?” “Is there a way that they can get the help they need while still retaining their independence?”

A solution many seniors and their loved ones are pursuing that balances the need for help and the desire for independence is assisted living care.

Assisted living care allows seniors to live in homes where help is available whenever it’s needed, 24/7.

Below, our team shares some interesting facts about assisted living care that many people are surprised to learn.

1. Assisted Living is a Relatively New Concept

The combination of independence and assistance that assisted living care affords to seniors is a relatively new creation. As a matter of fact, this type of service didn’t come to fruition fully until the early ’80s and continued to develop until the end of that decade.

The first assisted living community was conceptualized by Doctor Keren Brown Wilson.

2. There is No Single Standard of Care in Assisted Living

While assisted living services are required to maintain certain standards per local and state ordinances, you’ll find that different care providers offer different services.

Some assisted living options are centered around seniors who are fully mobile but need occasional help with household tasks and reminders. Other assisted living homes help seniors who need assistance with mobility and significant levels of physical care.

Furthermore, different assisted living settings offer different activities. Some have a variety of social activities such as exercise groups, music, crafts, and other options for active residents, and others are focused on creating a more calm and supportive social environment for people with cognitive decline. It’s worth contacting the assisted living care provider you’re interested in and learning about what they do. That way, you can find a setting that aligns with what you have in mind.

3. Communities Can Cater to a Variety of Cultural and Religious Preferences

If your mom or dad feel most at home in a community that speaks Spanish or offers Christian or Jewish religious services, there’s a community out there for you. The same goes for communities that cater to Asian or Native American culture and religious practices, and everything in-between.

If cultural or religious observances are important for your loved one, take the time to understand what the makeup of the community you’re considering is. With a little bit of investigation, you can find a place that makes your loved ones feel most at home!

4. Assisted Living Comes in a Wide Range of Prices

Many people who love the idea of assisted living are unsure of what to expect concerning cost. The truth is that assisted living can be a lot more affordable than nursing homes or hiring in-home around-the-clock care.

In more independent assisted living settings, residents may live in their own private  apartment with help close by if needed. This level of independence means less oversight is required which keeps costs down.

Other assisted living homes offer higher levels of staffing and support for those who need assistance with mobility and personal care, and some offer end of life care. Obviously, higher staffing levels will cost more, but assisted living may still be more affordable than nursing home care and with higher staffing ratios. Talking to the assisted living care provider you’re interested in about cost is the best way to understand what financial options are available.

5. Assisted Living is Not the Same as a Nursing Home

While different assisted living homes and nursing homes have different standards of care, in general, assisted living offers a wider range of options than nursing home facilities.

Nursing home facilities generally cater to seniors who have more complex health conditions that require around the clock attention from medical professionals, often in a larger, more hospital-like facility.

Assisted living can be more home-like in a residential home or apartment setting. It’s more focused on supporting your loved one in their quest to live their best life and offering support when such support is needed. Assisted living can also be an option within a community setting that offers a range of care from independent living to end of life care.

6. Many People with Alzheimer’s Enjoy a High Quality of Life in Assisted Living

Individuals with Alzheimer’s often love an assisted living setting that offers memory care. Their smaller setting can provide a combination of support and stimulation to help them manage their needs and maximize  their cognitive abilities. They also enjoy the professional nature of the staff assisted living communities employ that are experts at creating living environments which work to reduce anxiety and confusion.

Talk to the assisted living facility you’re considering about what help they offer for residents with forms of dementia.

At Arthur’s Senior Care, for example, we offer a variety of specialized care services for those who have trouble with memory and need assistance with their cognitive health.

7. Rules in Assisted Living Are Relaxed So Residents Can Live Their Best Lives

We can’t emphasize this point enough… Assisted living is all about living as independently as possible.

Residents can pursue the interests and enjoy the comforts that they’ve enjoyed throughout their adult lives. Help is there when residents need it.

That unique combination is what makes assisted living care an option that is hard to beat.

Wrapping Up Things You Didn’t Realize About Assisted Living Care

Assisted living care is a relatively new service that can give seniors all of the help they need while maintaining a level of independence.

It provides loved ones of seniors with the peace of mind they need and seniors with the high quality of life they want to enjoy in the more advanced years of their life.

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Arthur’s Senior Care is committed to providing quality care to seniors of all needs within a community that’s easy to call home.

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