7 Key Advantages of Small Homes for Alzheimer’s Patients

The conversation about moving a family member into an assisted living situation is never easy. It’s stressful for both sides.
But researching homes for Alzheimer’s patients need not be a topic of doom and gloom. There are a lot of options out there that give your family member the assistance they need while still retaining a sense of dignity and comfort. Small homes, in particular, are an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. A home for seniors that still feels like a home, but provides help when needed.
If you’re uncertain, keep reading to learn more about this specialized housing option.

1. Not a Facility

One of the biggest reasons for delaying a needed move is that seniors do not want to live in a facility. The term conjures up black and white images of institutions, which makes everyone uncomfortable.
That is why residential care homes for seniors are an ideal way to get the right care and comfort for your elderly family member. Residential Care Homes have the appeal of being an actual home without the long, confusing hallways and common rooms of a facility.
You will have peace of mind knowing that your family member will get the attention and respect they need to adjust to their new situation, and experience the comfort of home rather than the shocking loss of feeling forced into a large facility.

2. Staff is Always Available

No matter the time of day, a staff member will be on the spot, ready to help whenever needed. We ensure that our client’s needs are met quickly by maintaining a 1:3 staff to client ratio, greatly helping reduce confusion and anxiety.
Our staff have a large repertoire of skills when they approach situations where a senior doesn’t understand what is going on around them. They have a lot of experience defusing arguments, reassuring, and validating and respecting our clients.
A trained caregiver is ready to respond if an accident occurs; ready to give the client everything they need in that situation, ensuring that their dignity is preserved.

3. Communal and Friendly

As dementia or Alzheimer’s settles in, friendships are harder to maintain. The elderly don’t have as many opportunities to get out of the house to visit other family members or their friends.
Residential Care Homes for the elderly, on the other hand, have these kinds of opportunities all the time. With a center living room meant for everyone to share, every person living in the home will get to know each other. Friendships will grow on their own or with the help of staff and visiting family members.
The seniors living in the group home will never feel alone. This kind of kinship helps fight against common concerns that face many elders such as depression and anxiety.

4. Beautiful Home Built for Safety and Ease

The best kind of home for this are ones made with Alzheimer’s patients, or seniors who have a lot of physical care needs in mind. Every client has the utmost care and comfort because of all the safety and accessibility features put in place throughout the home.
When choosing a home for your family member, make certain that you choose a Residential Care Home that you trust.
All of our homes are staffed by ACR Homes, a well-respected name in the medical world. They have a good reputation for providing patients of all types with the correct kind of care they need, all done with warmth and care at the heart of it all.

5. Privacy Is Important

Even though the home is a Residential Care Homes for seniors, the home is not overcrowded. Each house is outfitted for a small number of about six residents at a time. You don’t need to worry that your family member will be unable to have a space of their own.
Each resident has their own separate bedroom, available for them to rest and relax anytime they want. And if they want some privacy, they have that at their fingertips. Each client also has his or her own private bathroom with a roll-in shower to ensure dignified personal care.
Small homes are meant to be a replica of a normal home. Only this one knows all the needs of patients with Alzheimer’s without sacrificing their way of life.

6. All the Comforts of Home

Unlike a facility, these homes are open for clients at all times. If they want to go to the kitchen, they can. If they want to go to the living room, it’s right there. It’s the same set up as if they were home alone.
While we are able to provide fully furnished rooms, clients are able to bring their own things if they choose, and to personalize their room as they want. We will even paint the room their favorite color.
The happiness of each client is the most important thing on everyone’s mind at these homes. Anything uncomfortable or wrong is fixed as soon as possible.

7. Become a Part of an Extended Family

These homes are not only a place to live, they’re meant to become a place for you and your family to extend into an even bigger family.
As clients live together, they become closer to their housemates, similar to that of living with roommates. By extension, you’ll also get to know the other clients when you come to visit your family member.
It’s from here that everyone connected to this house becomes part of a bigger family together.

Finding Good Homes for Alzheimer’s Patients Isn’t Always Difficult

It’s not an easy topic, no matter what your options are. But when a great home with many benefits is waiting on the other side, it makes the transition all the better for everyone.
When you discuss this change with your beloved family member, explain to them all of the advantages of small communal homes for Alzheimer’s clients. It may end up making them feel more at ease with taking in the situation with a clear head.
We all want what is best for our family in difficult times. Small homes like this make housing and memory care the least of your worries, leaving you to enjoy visiting without any stress at all.
For more information on how we can help, contact us today.